Unity Center of Davis Teams

People standing in a line with their backs facing the camera


Our volunteer teams make Unity Center of Davis a welcoming and enriching spiritual home.
We invite you to participate. For questions or more information, email: info@unityofdavis.org

Chaplains hold the prayer consciousness for the ministry. They serve our community
with monthly wellness calls to congregants, facilitate our Noon Meditation services, the annual
World Day of Prayer and other special events. Each chaplain regularly holds the congregation
in prayer during Sunday services and for those requesting personal prayer.

Worship Service Tech Team provides essential technical support for our Sunday
virtual services. The team produces videos and online posts of Sunday worship services,
assembles the slides for our services and runs the slide presentation during the service.
The team also operates all Zoom functions during our virtual services.

Small Groups Team inspires our congregation with ways to meet virtually and in-person.
The team assists in planning and implementing ideas for small group gatherings such as book study,
coffee chats, local walks, creative writing, and other areas of interest to congregants.

Tithing Team symbolizes our prosperity as a congregation by finding and vetting
nonprofit organizations for tithing support and makes recommendations to the Board for
monthly contributions to these vital organizations.

Engagement Team creatively plans and implements in-person and online activities
and events for the entire congregation that bring joy and greater engagement with the
UCOD community.

Spiritual Prosperity Team holds the spiritual prosperity consciousness for the
ministry. The team meets regularly to discuss prosperity and prays for the continued
abundance consciousness of the ministry. The team also holds the monthly donations and tithes in prayer.

Sustainability and Stamina Team utilizes many resources including data
gathering to create a strategic plan, beginning in 2022, that will ensure the long-term stamina
and sustainability of the ministry and uphold the mission of Unity Center of Davis.

Community Outreach Team ensures connections to the surrounding community
by implementing outreach projects that contribute to and strengthen local organizations. In the past,
these projects have included partnerships with organizations such as the Short-term Emergency Aid
ommittee (STEAC), among others.

Website Oversight Team works closely with the UCOD website administrator,
providing regular review of the website to ensure accuracy and timeliness of content. As needed,
the team makes suggestions for updates and additions to the website or contributes new content.