Spiritual Counseling

Clarity - Focus - Ease - Grace


The mission of Unity Center of Davis is to embrace the human with love and inspire spiritual awakening.    We empower and encourage each individual’s discovery of Self – the Indwelling Christ Presence within each of us.  We facilitate this process through Sunday celebration services, mid-week meditation, classes, self-directed spiritual practices, community spiritual practices and spiritual counseling.

Spiritual counseling focuses on the activity of your indwelling Divinity to engage the healing process.  Whether the issue is emotional, physical, relational, prosperity or existential, becoming aware of and attending to the indwelling Healer and Guide is the primary focus.

This counseling is not intended to replace psychological counseling or therapy.  However, spiritual counseling can facilitate the healing process independent of, or in association with, psychological counseling.  Usually, spiritual counseling will not involve more than three counseling sessions.

Email the admin@unityofdavis.org  for more information on spiritual counseling policy, session fees, or to schedule a session.