Rev. Sonya Milton "R.A.I.N."

Rev. Sonya Milton "R.A.I.N."


We Unity Truth Students are fortunate in having an abundance of useful tools for navigating taxing times. One such tool is R.A.I.N., developed by author, psychologist, and meditation teacher, Tara Brach, PhD. Join Rev. Sonya Milton as we learn to more fully:

• Recognize what is happening

• Allow life to be just as it is

• Investigate with gentle attention

• Nurture ourselves and others


Join Rev. Sonya Milton for this service which will include music, talk, and meditation. After service completion, we will have breakout groups available for socializing and prayer in private with a prayer chaplain.

We welcome all of you to join this live sermon this Sunday by clicking the button below when you're ready to join:

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The service will begin at 10AM, but everyone is welcome to join the live stream as early as 9:30AM to virtually socialize with other members of the congregation.

Join us to enjoy an inspiring message and heart connections. All are welcome.