Rev. Richard Carlini "It's Okay Not to Be Okay"

Rev. Richard Carlini "It's Okay Not to Be Okay"


So much going on in the world today.  Even celebrations have changed in what is quickly becoming the new normal. Dr. Fauci says 2022 before some kind of normal starts again. A major presidential election is around the corner. We face voting suppression and ballot harvesting, and an uncertain outcome no matter who the next leader of the "free world" is. And with all that and much more, we are all going to be okay. Guess what! It's okay to not be okay, too.

Join Rev. Richard Carlini for this service which will include music, talk, and meditation. After service completion, we will have breakout groups available for socializing and prayer in private with a prayer chaplain.

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The service will begin at 10AM, but everyone is welcome to join the live stream as early as 9:30AM to virtually socialize with other members of the congregation.

Join us to enjoy an inspiring message and heart connections. All are welcome.