The Art & Science of Metanoia -- Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

6 Thursdays beginning June 23 at 4-5:30 PM PDT

Location: Zoom

Metanoia is a Greek word traditionally translated as repenting or confessing your sins; however, it also means changing how you think. In these six 90-minute classes, you will learn why we’re slaves to old and outdated beliefs and feelings, why they are so difficult to change, and learn techniques to assist you in changing your thinking. Why is this important to us?

Jesus, the wise Master Teacher, began his ministry with an admonition to “Repent.” If the words and parables attributed to him are studied using our higher consciousness, the student will discover that most of his teachings, if not all, call for a dynamic and flexible thought process. Therefore, if it was that important to Jesus, it should be equally important for us.

Participation in these six virtual classes will be interactive, engaging, and fun. Topics include:

• A general overview and understanding of metanoia

• Developing your core value(s)

• Internet-based testing to discover and use your temperament to your advantage

• Creating a supportive dream team

• Finding how metanoia relates to cutting-edge brain research findings

• Learning and practicing proven techniques to help us know, without a doubt, that we can be more adaptive in the way we think

• You will learn how to no longer be a slave to outdated thinking

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