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January 2022

Harry M. Ohlendorf

Harry M. Ohlendorf

UCOD’s long-time member Harry M. Ohlendorf is …A Man/Spirit for All Seasons. That label is intended to express his spirit, versatility, strength and humanity, much like the native Texas Vasey Shin Oak tree that honors him in the University of California Davis Arboretum’s Oak Grove (see photo). His many services to UCOD include his shared leadership on the Earth Care Team and the Sunday Slides Team.

Growing up on a dairy farm in Texas he later became a student of Texas A&M University. There he changed his academic major from dairy farming to Wildlife Management (Fisheries Option). This change was prompted by his desire to fish rather than milk cows twice per day. He graduated from Texas A&M and entered the US Army as a commissioned officer, serving a three-year tour in France. From France he returned to Texas A&M to complete his Master’s and PhD in Wildlife Science.

Serving globally (including Europe, Russia, and Canada) and professionally, Harry is the recipient of many accolades in the discipline of Ecological Risk Management--just look at his resume!. The listings of his leadership of environmental studies and projects are breathtaking. His efforts have resulted in multi-media coverage of discoveries and mitigation of adverse environmental effects related to selenium toxicity and the effects on life in many forms. Yes, we of UCOD are blessed with Harry’s presence.