David Tralle

David Tralle Musician
Musician and Performer

David Tralle


David Tralle is an Intuitive Healing Music Artist who has served over 20 years as a Unity/New Thought musician. His soothing keyboard soundscapes treat the listener to the rich acoustical sounds of piano, strings, wind and gentle percussion instruments offering rest and relaxation. David’s love of humanity and internal drive to effect positive change is felt throughout his music. His passion and interest with current developments in sound/music healing makes him a dynamic and informative speaker. 

David says of his music and Unity Center of Davis:

"It has truly been a great fountain of life blessings to have witnessed and to have been a part of this loving, compassionate and inclusive spiritual community we call the Unity Center of Davis.  Since it’s very beginnings I have been privileged to share and use my musical skills in support of our Sunday’s services and other events when called upon. My life has been infinitely blessed by the love and support of this wonderful community. 

Music has been life long for me. Though I hold no advanced degree in the field of music I began my piano instruction at the age of 8, had a band at 14 doing high school dances and did all the bars one would ever want to do.  Having somehow survived my youth and young adulthood I came to discover a much greater and deeper power within the gift that music is to humanity. Music is so much more than entertainment. Music’s power to transform and heal us, it’s ability to emotionally move us and its universal power to bring us together as one continues to inspire me.

Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity to serve."