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The UCoD spiritual community celebrates our spirituality with our creativity.  We are pleased to share our words and images with the greater community.

Enthusiastically by Dixie Tyler


Artwork by Dixie Tyler


We Are One by Dixie Tyler

Artwork by Dixie Tyler


She strikes reverence, A tiny treasure on sandy soil, The resilient wild rose

Artwork by Dixie Tyler


Imagination has a life of its own and we stand by in awe

Artwork by Dixie Tyler


Watercolor hearts artwork

“Is To Is” from Pre-Birth to Post-Death by Steve Ceccato

     At left of the black line of Birth, we are Spirit without body in a field of Love. When born, we become embodied (first red heart from left). 
     At some point we feel separation (heart with hook emerging).
The hook is our attachment to a life we build. In attempts to heal that felt rift, we feel unsatisfied, 
dis-eased (left upper large heart) 
     We face disillusionment, a moment of “is THIS all there is?” (lower blue section of large heart).
    The green arrows are movement to regain our Spiritual Identity, a sacred quest. We use the choices from parts of our life to reframe, learn about our divinity.
     We crossover the black line of Death and become pure Spirit once again.


A heart in the shape of a flower watercolor artwork

Remembering and Forgetting by Steve Ceccato

     I remember I AM: All the spiritual gifts of God (red heart with illustrious circle within). But when I forget, I lose my awareness, feel separate, less than, wounded. Reconnecting to the Truth of who I AM—through meditation, the Breath, books, community, I remember that I am whole and complete.


A watercolor blue and red heart artwork

Opening to What's Really There by Steve Ceccato

     ‘What’s really there’ is Love at the right, like breathing—-giving and receiving, cycling. Love is always there.
     Through a small lense, in the dark, is one who has been hurt, who has withdrawn and has lost Self.
     But Love is there anyway. Open the lense wider and wider.


Watercolor artwork of a heart made of flowers on the beach with a white topped wave rising offshore

Shedding Armor for the Undertow by Steve Ceccato

We protect ourselves, layer upon layer of armor, burying the hurt, preventing more hurt. We protect from strong Feelings (darkness behind the wave). We think we can not survive.
     Trusting in a process is difficult if one isn’t willing to have Faith in a Greater Good for Self. It can be seen under the Darkness and Primal Ooze, the ground of Understanding.


I smile out loud and the world hears me and the flowers open and birds sing out and people smile in gratitude

Artwork by Dixie Tyler


candle light spreads a space around us creating a sense of here

Artwork by Dixie Tyler


The feeling of kinship for those we enjoy is precious

Artwork by Dixie Tyler


Lightning strikes Rain dances Thunder claps

Artwork by Dixie Tyler


Taking in the Breath by Steve Ceccato

Taking in the Breath by Steve Ceccato

The Breath in meditation leads the way to the healing of a confused mind and frayed heart (top heart).
The Breath opens the heart to realize its connection to God. The Inner Observer (eyes) follows the Breath opening and healing the Spirit (bottom heart).
Spirit then moves, spiraling outward to All of life filled with Compassion and Truth. Follow the Breath; ground to Love.


Listening to Silence Speak by Steve Ceccato

Listening to Silence Speak by Steve Ceccato

We open to the Infinite River of Good that God IS through prayer. The Inner Observer (eyes) do not judge the pain or experiences we’ve had. The Observer knows of the Truth of the Christ (red heart with white circle the River passes through) within each of us.


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