Unity Center of Davis is an inclusive spiritual community that honors the many paths to God and helps people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles in their daily lives.  Unity is a 150 year old spiritual movement, that teaches universal spiritual principles taught and demonstrated by Jesus, Buddha, and other enlightened master teachers of other faiths..

We are open and embracing of all people, faiths, ethnic heritages, ages, sexual orientations and socioeconomic backgrounds.

While seeking to know and express our true spiritual nature we also embrace our humanness, right where we are, which makes Unity Center of Davis more than a church. It is a safe place to come home to your spirituality.

Rev. Robyn Plante

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4th Melissa Olsen & Cecile Woods

11th David Tralle & George Haver

18th Melissa Olsen & Dinah Chapman

25th David Tralle & Dennis Cain



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Join us on Sundays  |  Meditation 9:30AM  |  Service 10 AM

Senior Center  |  646 A  Street  Davis, Ca 95616

4th Sacred Abundance: Where is Your Treasure?

11th Sacred Abundance: The Universe is Listening

18th Father's Day-Special Guest Speaker Rev. Dinah Chapman

25th Sacred Abundance: Everyday Namaste

June Talk Titles